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Making the final decision to have a baby is magnificent. This is to choose once and for all to have your own heart go strolling outside your whole body. And it is their tiniest feet which create the greatest footprints in our hearts. A baby also brings the hope that something wonderful is about to happen. And Vardaan Women’s Hospital was born behind these noble thoughts.
We at the Vardaan Women’s Hospitalknow that you both are going to be a marvellous parent this world has ever known and yet you have no one to shower all this love to since infertility has challenged you but we are here to change all that for you and you are going to come out stronger from it.

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Service we provide

Laproscopy& Hysteroscopy

With the advent of cutting-edge technology, it has become a feasible option to perform ‘minimally invasive’


Infertility treatment is now revolutionized by the advance techniques being introduced with each passing day

Blastocyst Culture

Blastocyst Culture and Transfer is a technique in which an embryo is developed in the laboratory for 4-6

Donor Programme

Donating sperm is considered one of the noblest causes a man can undertake. When the male partner has zilch


IUI is a technique in which sturdy sperm are sifted out from flaccid ones and later the washed sperm are placed


ICSI is a technique in which a single sperm is directly injected into an egg to fertilise it and then the fertilised


Service we provide

"My experience at Vardaan Women’s Hospital was superior and well above medical treatment standards. The physicians, nurses and staff successfully eradicated (my disease) with unbelievable care and compassion. Their attention to ensuring my well-being was exceptional."



Service we provide

"From the time I arrived by ambulance to the time I left, the care and attention I received from the doctors, on down the line, was excellent. Let me say, due to the excellent care that the ICU/CCU staff provided, that you turned my nightmare into a promising dream."



Service we provide

"The days and nights became easier directly because of the wonderful care I received from the Vardaan Women’s Hospital "


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Every day, pregnant and nursing women have to make important dietary decisions by consuming healthy meals that include essential nutrients such as folic acid, calcium and pre-natal vitamins. Omega-3 fatty acids, which are long-chain polyunsaturated essential fatty acids, are also crucial for the mother’s health

PCOS & Pregnancy

Polycystic ovary syndrome is a complex, commonest endocrine metabolic condition in the reproductive years of a woman. There is no single attributing factor. It is multifactorial. Its impact on pregnancy is not elucidated entirely. Women with recurrent pregnancy loss, subfertility, obesity causing concerns are associated with PCOS.